Memtec Combi Air

The Memtec Combi-Air is engineered to allow a cooler and dryer sleep experience with excellent moisture management properties, incorporating the following: Three dimensional, air channelling, corrugation design to the top surface of the memory foam allows air to flow more freely around the body resulting in a cooler sleep without compromising any pressure relieving characteristics. During development of the Combi-Air the concept team also solved the lack of bounce associated with conventional memory foam mattresses. The answer came in the form of a middle-layer of laytech sandwiched between the base PU foam and the visco-elastic top layer. This middle layer offers optimum levels of spring and support as well as a superior performance and durability. The result gives added bounce and better circulation compared to a standard memory foam mattress. Patented 3D-spacer is a three-dimensional fabric which allows air to flow through it and retains moisture, which gradually dispersed through evaporation resulting in a much drier sleeping experience. It is significantly more effective than a standard mattress cover.

Model Infomation & Sizes

Image Model Weight Dimensions EAN Product Code # Price
Small Single (3D Spacer zip-off cover) 16kg 75 x 190 x 22cm 5056097200477 CMS-MCA-SSINGL-3DSPAC Login Required
Single (3D Spacer zip-off cover) 16kg 90 x 190 x 22cm 5056097200422 CMS-MCA-SINGLE-3DSPAC Login Required
Small Double (3D Spacer zip-off cover) 24kg 120 x 190 x 22cm 5056097200484 CMS-MCA-SDOUBL-3DSPAC Login Required
Double (3D Spacer zip-off cover) 24kg 135 x 190 x 22cm 5056097200439 CMS-MCA-DOUBLE-3DSPAC Login Required
King (3D Spacer zip-off cover) 30kg 150 x 200 x 22cm 5056097200446 CMS-MCA-KING-3DSPAC Login Required
Continental 160 x 200 (3D Spacer zip-off cover) 30kg 160 x 200 x 22cm 5056097200453 CMS-MCA-160X200-3DSPAC Login Required
SuperKing (3D Spacer zip-off cover) 35kg 180 x 200 x 22cm 5056097200460 CMS-MCA-SKING-3DSPAC Login Required

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