GelFlex T3000

Add more support and comfort to your existing mattress with a laygel foam topper. The topper is available in 2 inches or 3 inches and also comes with a luxury zip off cover.

Model Infomation & Sizes

Image Model Weight Dimensions EAN Product Code # Price
Small Single (Luxury Quilted Zip-off Cover) 8kg 75 x 190 x 8cm 5056097201870 CMS-GELT3-SSINGL-LUXQU Login Required
Single (Luxury Quilted Zip-off Cover) 8kg 90 x 190 x 8cm 5056097201825 CMS-GELT3-SINGLE-LUXQU Login Required
Small Double (Luxury Quilted Zip-off Cover) 12kg 120 x 190 x 8cm 5056097201887 CMS-GELT3-SDOUBL-LUXQU Login Required
Double (Luxury Quilted Zip-off Cover) 12kg 135 x 190 x 8cm 5056097201832 CMS-GELT3-DOUBLE-LUXQU Login Required
King (Luxury Quilted Zip-off Cover) 15kg 150 x 200 x 8cm 5056097201849 CMS-GELT3-KING-LUXQU Login Required
Continental 160 x 200 (Luxury Quilted Zip-off Cover) 15kg 160 x 200 x 8cm 5056097201856 CMS-GELT3-160X200-LUXQU Login Required
SuperKing (Luxury Quilted Zip-off Cover) 16kg 180 x 200 x 8cm 5056097201863 CMS-GELT3-SKING-LUXQU Login Required

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